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An easement is the ownership of an interest in land, but without owning the land itself. In other words, it's a right to use of the land for a specific purpose. For example, a roadway easement gives the right to travel on a private road across someone else's land (to cross it for access to a public road). Other common examples include easements for wells and water access, septic lines, drainage, and utility access.

Lot Line Adjustments

A "lot line" is the legal boundary between two pieces of land. When one neighbor sells (or sometimes gifts) part of their

land to an adjoining neighbor, the lot line is moved, and its new location needs to be recorded with the County. Any adjustments to metes and bounds requires a new legal description from a licensed land surveyor or a registered civil engineer, along with a map of the site plan, which are recorded with the County Recorder once the final approval is received from the local permitting office.

Parcel Mergers

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