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Transfer On Death (TOD) Deed

Many people know that they can designate a payable-on-death (POD) beneficiary on a bank account or brokerage account. But did you know that California has a similar mode of transfer for real estate? Transfer On Death (TOD) deeds are an inexpensive way for property owners to transfer real estate after they die without establishing a living trust or having their heirs go through probate.

Furthermore, until January 1, 2032 (unless extended by the California Legislature), these deeds are revocable, which means the property owner maintains the right to change their mind. For example, the owner can revoke the TOD and:

     - name a new beneficiary

     - sell the property


     - transfer the property into a living trust

     - etc.

To learn more about TOD deeds versus adding your heirs as joint tenants, please read the Sacramento Law Library's free informational brochure.

If you want to create a transfer-on-death deed, or are the beneficiary of a TOD deed but need help with the next steps, Dingler Document Assistance can create the transfer and notification paperwork for you and record it with the County on your behalf.

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